July 1, 2015


Bulldozer Configurations

Straight Blade

A good general purpose blade for most dozing applications. Available for most machines.

Power Angle and Tilt Blade

A very good versatile blade for smaller machines.

Universal Blade

A straight blade with large "wings" to carry larger loads more efficiently over longer distances. Available only for larger models.

Semi-U Blade

A straight blade with small "wings" to provide better load carrying characteristics for mid-sized and large machines.

Cushion Blade

A relatively narrow blade, primarily for pushing scrapers.

All manufacturers names, part numbers and descriptions are used for reference purpose only and is not implied that any parts listed are the product of these manufacturers

Some of the benefits of using WearPact to supply edges for your Dozer is that there are various options we can offer as apposed to just standard :

Industrial Leaders in:

  • Different thicknesses
  • Different strengths of Material
  • Wear Bar protection
  • Extended Wear Life Blades

Benefits of various options available are:

  • Longer Wear Life
  • More Wear-Resistant

For Abrasive Conditions:

  • Less down Time
  • Higher productivity
  • Levels
  • Additional Blade
  • Protection

End Bits Options




Extended Wear Life (EWL) - have a contoured design which matches the cutting edge thickness in the bolt hole area and are thicker in the wear area that extends beyond the support. This additional wear materiel provides an excellent cutting-edge-to-end-bits wear ratio in abrasive conditions. EWL end bits provide the maximum depth of cut relative to the cutting edges.


General Duty
- Three designs have been grouped under the "general duty" heading. Hot-cupped and forged impacts are being replaced by a new contoured design to provide more efficient use of material. Like EWL end bits, the contoured design matches the cutting edge thickness in the bolt hole area and is thicker in the wear area that extends beyond the support. however, these end bits extend only half as far as below the support as the EWL end bits do and are therefore well suited to most dozing applications.

Finishing Dozing End Bits - Match the depth of cut of the cutting edges and protect the blade corner in low compact, low abrasion materials. They are recommended for finish and semi-finish dozing. Not available for the larger dossers.